Technologies showcased today

Technologies showcased today

This xAPI course is brought to you by three powerful open source technologies you will experience today and many more that they are all built on.

ELMS:LN - ELMS Learning Network is the system you are experiencing right now. It is a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) that is used for creating unique experiences like the one you are having today. ELMSLN is actually 12+ solutions in one, as it takes an ecosystem mindset to delivering course experiences. It also positions the course as the primary thing driving the educational experience as opposed to traditional LMSs that are logistics / offering centric. The project started at Penn State in 2008 and has seen it's community contributions grow beyond the institution with multiple developers from different colleges at PSU and beyond.

H5P is an HTML5 generated interactive object creator. Open source, it allows remix of the elements that instructional designers have been making by hand in applications like screenflow and flash for ages. H5P elements naturally emit xAPI statements, making them incredibly powerful in the context of systems like ELMSLN. ELMSLN's media system can produce and manage the distribution of H5P elements across an institution by natively supporting the application.

Learning Locker - Learning Locker is an Open Source Learning Record Store (LRS) which is able to manage the collection, authorization, validation, and simple visualization of xAPI statements. It is a stand alone application which can be installed to collect statements from any number of tools. It is required when distributing the creation of learning analytic data beyond traditional LMSs. ELMSLN has documentation and support for Learning Locker and the demonstration today is only possible because of the two.