What is an LRS?

What is an LRS?

LRS is short for Learning Record Store. A LRS is used to collect and analyze learning records. Think of xAPI statements happening when users do things in the world and LRS as being the place those statements are sent.

Today's workshop is powered by a powerful open source LRS called Learning Locker. Learning locker is a fast, MongoDB / PHP based solution that has support for:

  • User management (who can access analytics)
  • LRS management (you can create multiple LRS "buckets" for data)
  • xAPI Storage, Validation and retrieval
  • API management (for connecting systems to send / query information)
  • Record management (basic visualizations / download csv's based on simple queries)

This is a screenshot from Learning Locker so you can see an example of the dashboard. LRSs will typically only have minor data analysis built in as it's specific to the type of information you are trying to track.